ZYCOO ZX20 IP-PBX คุณภาพสูงในราคาประหยัด

The all-in-one ZX20 series of IP phone system can not only provide the basic features of traditional PBX, but also advanced features such as visual voice mail, music on hold, and auto attendant, etc.

With ZYCOO VoIP solutions, SMEs can take advantage of the VoIP services and quickly deploy VoIP networks to connect with multiple branch locations over the Internet without any change on the current equipment or dial plan. Continue reading

What is a SIP server?

A SIP server is the main component of an IP PBX, dealing with the setup of all SIP calls in the network. A SIP server is also referred to as a SIP Proxy or a Registrar.

Although the SIP server is the most important part of the SIP based phone system, it only handles call setup and call tear down. It does not actually transmit or receive any audio. This is done by the media server in RTP.